Dawn McDaniel, MBA, MPA, ACC

Dawn McDaniel, MBA, MPA, CPC

Meet Dawn

Dawn McDaniel helps organizations transcend cultural and communication gaps with their veteran work force, and channel veterans’ expertise, loyalty and drive into a profitable win:win for everyone concerned.

Dawn grew up in a military home, enwrapped from birth in the ideals of integrity, courage and leadership, so it was an easy choice for her to become a soldier too. She thrived in her Specialist liaison roles and loved encouraging personal and professional growth in others. What she didn’t expect when she left the service in 2000, however, were the same painful obstacles her parents faced when they shifted to corporate life after the Vietnam War, decades earlier.

Selfless service, military bearing, definitive direction—innate to a soldier—were often misconstrued in the corporate context. People didn’t get that values like these were hard-wired into Dawn’s being, which made transitioning to civilian work life an unnecessarily difficult path.

Dawn wasn’t alone. Many of her prior-military friends faced similar dilemmas. They had accumulated top level training in leadership, decision making and cultivating cohesive teams, the best the federal government could buy. They’d led people through complex, even life-threatening initiatives where success was the only option. They embraced honor, excellence, duty and the mantra “no one left behind.”

Yet, outside the military, such accomplishments perplexed managers and executives trying to align veterans’ experiences with organizational requirements and merit systems. And once hired, veterans would often stumble in their performance—not because they didn’t care or didn’t have the aptitude—but because they were in new territory without a translator.

There was no one to bridge the cultural divide.

So Dawn stepped up, big time, and founded Bravo Delta Consulting, LLC. Along with infectious enthusiasm and resourceful determination, Dawn’s robust platform of customized consulting services helps employers:

  • Save money, time and energy implementing their veteran workforce programs.
  • Seamlessly hire, integrate and retain veterans within their workforce.
  • Instill understanding and appreciation between civilian and veteran employees.
  • Leverage veterans’ insights and talents to achieve organizational goals.

Bottom line? When employers engage Dawn’s keen leadership they unleash their veteran employees’ uncommon ingenuity, maturity and wisdom—and build strong, resilient and enduring organizations.

More About Dawn
Author of two books about veteran workforce development and equipped with 20+ years’ experience in the private, public and government sectors, Dawn has dedicated her career to the idea that veteran and military spouse workforce development is the single most productive and rewarding investment any government, company or academic institution can make.

Prior to founding Bravo Delta Consulting in 2011, Dawn’s experience included creating an award-winning outreach and media strategy for the State of Connecticut’s Insurance Department, which elevated that agency from turmoil to accolades from then-Governor Jodi Rell. For United Technologies, Dawn designed and implemented award-winning productivity and global communication/policy enhancement strategies. And for the U.S. Army, Dawn coached soldiers entering the complex promotions process, and planned and conducted more than 30 promotion and recognition boards in a 15-month period which led to over 340 promotions in a single year.

In 2014, Dawn won the Military Spouse magazine/Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Award, representing the Connecticut National Guard; the award recognizes military spouses’ important contributions and unwavering commitment to the military community and our country. In 2010 Dawn won the Silver Mercury Award, given by the Public Relations Society of America. While serving from 1996 to 2000, Dawn earned the Army Achievement Medal, Army Commendation Medal and the Overseas Service Ribbon.

Dawn earned her MBA in Global Business from Walden University in 2006, her MPA in Public Administration from Murray State University in 2001, and her BA in Communications from Chapman University in 1996. She lives in East Hampton, Connecticut, and loves writing, dance and spending time with her National Guardsman husband, Jeff, and their two bright and spirited daughters.