• Integrating Veterans for Corporate Success

    Innovative business solutions

  • Engaged workforce

  • Improved financial and organizational results!


It’s no surprise that employers want innovative business solutions, engaged employees, and improved financial and operational results.  However, employers miss valuable opportunities to hire and retain quality employees every year, based solely on their lack of awareness of military culture.

This is exactly what is happening with military veterans across the globe.  Limited exposure to military culture and skills development has left employers unaware of the inherent value this demographic brings to the workforce.  Because this culture is foreign to them, they struggle to identify and translate specific skills that would be beneficial for their workforce.

Bravo Delta Consulting dives into the culture behind military service and offers insight to how core competencies, skills, and attributes are developed through the culture.  After working with us, your staff will have a new understanding of this demographic, a better appreciation for the skills and culture, and tangible tools that will allow you to onboard and retain more veterans!

We work with employers to understand their military veteran hiring and retention goals, and help them build the most effective programs and processes.  We take an objective look at your current programs, apply a military lens, and provide a road map to meeting your goals and objectives.

Below is an example of some of the topics we dive into to make your processes more effective.

  • Develop and evaluate business needs,
  • Build the business case for hiring veterans
  • Communicate current hiring requirements (government contracts)
  • Identify and leverage incentives (tax credits and OJT grants)
  • Understand hiring laws such as USSERA and ESGR policies for guard/reservists
  • Understanding Office of Federal Contract Compliance regulations, including the 7% veteran hiring benchmark
  • Overcome barriers and resistance to hiring veterans and disabled veterans
  • Understand the cultural differences and salary expectations of veteran candidates
  • Identify characteristics and attributes found in a successful candidate
  • Assist in finding qualified veteran candidates
  • Interpret military resumes beyond simple skill translation
  • Assist hiring managers in interviewing veterans (tips and techniques)
  • Facilitate interviews to provide expert feedback and interpretation
  • Determine the long range value of a veteran hire
  • Reveal underlying potential and skills in veteran candidates
  • Develop veteran-centric onboarding tactics to activate and engage veterans from the onset
  • Leverage existing veterans in your company to ease transition
  • Provide insight and strategy to long term benefits and growth
  • Breakdown stereotypes and build cohesion between civilian employees and veteran hires
  • Explore programs and strategies that provide smooth transition
  • Educate supervisors on leveraging the intrinsic skills of veterans
  • Develop a retention strategy for veteran hires based on the culture they are accustomed to
  • Cultivate opportunities to serve
  • Establish peer-to-peer support channels (and understand why that’s important)
  • Learn easy ways to include family members (especially for national guard/reservist hires)
  • Learn what motivates veterans
  • Apply lessons learned to workforce at large

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