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Veterans: Your Company’s Secret Weapon

Learn to Leverage Your Veteran Workforce:


Military turnover can cost your company big.


Military veterans possess a variety of knowledge, skills, and abilities, most of which are hidden or dormant in the civilian world. This book shows you how to bring those abilities to your business.

  1. Expand Cultural Awareness

    Learn what it takes to make your veteran employees feel at home in your company.

  2. Effectively Motivate Veterans

    Learn what you need to do to ensure that your veteran employees feel challenged and motivated.

  3. Ease Transition

    Make sure your company makes the transition from military life easy for your employees.


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Retention After Hire

Retention After Hire

A look at military transition challenges beyond the résumé

This book supports human resource managers, hiring managers, supervisors, subordinates, and peers with understanding the challenges veterans face as they transition from a military culture to a business culture.


“This is a good short read that I think many companies, HR and manager should read when hiring or thinking of hiring vets.”

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