Bravo Delta Consulting, LLC is a woman-owned, service disabled veteran owned small business that bridges the civilian/ military cultural divide and empowers companies to leverage key military skills to increase competitive advantage, increase employee engagement, and improve business performance.

We partner with companies, big and small, to establish key support structures that increase cultural awareness, enhance communications, and develop strengths to assimilate their veteran workforce effectively. Through collaboration, we identify specific needs within an organization, and empower companies to develop a strategy to integrate veterans in a successful and meaningful way.

We are often asked why our company is named Bravo Delta.  It is a play on the phonetic alphabet used in the military.  Bravo is the word for B, but it also is what someone yells at an outstanding performance.  In other words, Bravo is a celebration!  Delta is the word for D, but can also signify change.  Put them together and Bravo Delta is Celebrating the Change.

Transition from the military to the civilian world is more than just a paycheck.  It is a process of understanding and adapting to a new culture. Bravo Delta Consulting, LLC knows what it is like on both sides of the uniform and  collaborates with employers, educators, and legislators to learn, understand, and translate key military skills and attributes.

We are changing the conversation and perception of military transition, and we appreciate you joining us on this journey!

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